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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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ifs >> james: is one to be a wet friday before it is all said and done not tracking much at the moment but there is ride to our nor the skills to arrive sometime mid morning early afternoon for a lot i take a look at what we can expect during the morning hours areas of all missing off the heavy in some spots centers for the most are in the mid '50s by noontime look for rain to begin in the north bentham to the below six is at that point it will be rainy and windy with pretty much bay area wide showers might and moderates p.m. will be a little dicey after temperatures maxxam out in the mid-60s that is the way the day is will to progress on will have full details coming up at 615 >> james: ware of the metal
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to mid-60s was sent to cisco coming in at 59 >> erica: the mid remise return on about 50 minutes ago at the bay bridge toll plaza the back of is not too bad still small selling for those the sea come in at 880 over prague was to make your way past allies onto the sand if the for a portion island and join liken this is a law on the bay area we don't have any accidents to report will have a close look at drive times and other riches coming up in 15 minutes we're still in recovery mode. >>darya: build a 20 by 20 ft. sinkhole that opened up in the middle of the road >> jackie sissel: the cinco is still here on the corner of there's no work going on right now are expecting close the sold out here to the third consecutive day that the team to work not
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only to fix the broken pipes but also repair the streets. the year the video from this is when they're out here is a really happened during a tremendous rain storm that we had on wednesday and a is over on the year-old cast iron pipe system cannot handle the situation and that is when adverse causing not only the water to come rushing down also the road went to get-tested when >> jackie sissel: that the that the fix the fix the broken pipe and tie into the of fiber that we considered. he talked with the awesome and decide within his to do on this project were upgraded. by
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constructing a new manhole >> jackie sissel: the good news that people in the area so headed italy's when it will take a little longer on this product in a brief prison labor thought it would then contact the fella back in and fix the ply we expect sea cruise back out here a letter on this morning >>mark: the clean-up detail in this morning and the mission district they're tired to have the deal with it every time it rains is a bit unsettled by this is all false the street on wednesday he sped up in the water is rising it and so on the breakdown in the street and in this into the homes and sidewalks. the workers seven hired by the city to clean up the mess the residents say this is part
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of a much bigger problem and city's public utility commission said this combination of poor planning and geography. we are battling mother mentor and the gravity was are pulling almost the entire eastern half of the water to this one low and san francisco. >>mark: 90 the massive infrastructure to redesign a large and permanent fix the problem is what is the billions of dollars and not to transfer water from the area with the entire east side of san francisco >>darya: businesses into around are cleaning up there is a foot of water a vessel from businesses in the cove complex and to ron other stores at the recall carpet in this five shops were damaged one manager says will be a couple days before
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he can reopen for business >>darya: or minuted the weather alerts chip forecast and the red or anything any sign on the kron 4 mobile application >>mark: 2 of error garners the are announcing the video of their father being choked to death by a new york city police officer did the black men who died in july after a council of the reasons that island is we grand jury decided not to indict officer involved. the decision prompted protests across the country one of his daughter said the this is not just a black-and- white issue >>: this is a crisis white people and ages different people from different nations and for parts of the were to come out and show that they felt the same way i felt i really appreciated
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is the sizzle on napa all one the field is where >>mark: a number of people and arrested a thousand people gathered in downtown manhattan and marched across the brooklyn bridge >>darya: after the protest said they had to shut the station down and demonstrators protest against the so-called death in new york and against the shooting death of michael brown the also held a moment's silence for oscar grant who died at the fruit veil station to cause a map beside the bart police officer process are calling for better please training by the cameras and changes in the grand jury process another round of protests are said to my seven oakland >>darya: demonstrators march in step cisco that the had died in protests as the market and how or buses had been rerouted during the protest market share has since been cleared and traffic is back to normal
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delays process and will san francisco or were mostly peaceful >>mark: homes are buried in mud and southern california has more mudslides across will allow the latest updates coming up. witnesses said police used force in this incident.
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>> erica: 18 and is not from antioch in concord over too well that we're seeing speed down to 40 mi. per hour and easy 16 minutes from walnut creek to the law and to the 680 has wanted to about 20 minutes to get to the 586 interchange >>mark: they're gearing up for pretty good start here is a look from north star with the snow that came down 31 in. and what they are saying but many at the top there was a little rain and snow and the mix incident the open 12 new runs just yes to that you
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may want to bring the chance to consider heading up tonight >>darya: southern california got into it now they got to the gulf war flash flooding was cause mudslides and riverside county look at all that smart people had been wrested from a car's their stop and very and attracts you to see one man drove right in the middle of the mud slide by realizing how deep it was and then he gets stuck still ahead the latest on the search for a man and tell all saw who had been flashing elderly women and 630 it will force live on how close broke into a bay area nonprofit into christmas gifts man for the navy the fed delivery guy caught on tape trading packages badly
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>>mark: is still packing potentially devastating winds >> james: will you need to know before you head out the door right an umbrella make sure the kids have an umbrella or jacket with a hood on a letter on the afternoon of when will arrive not let your sing outside for you although it is dry it will be wet later on today here is our daily planner the fall is a fact for you this morning in terms of the weather that is the morning story default is
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6 mi. visibility. lester announcing any the less willing to tell if that changes take a look at the live look in this low we are seeing outside the view is improving quite a bit here the golden gate bridge >> james: and 50 cyanamid's 60 that are today as we look at the storm system stilwell's arnold and is projected to impact of to lead on this afternoon and will be pulling in a lot tropical moisture will want to see some this is ours is early impetus to an unknown time at 11:00 on store for four. this outside of the view of this out side of santa rosa is what it's about of showers and them by three or so in the afternoon widespread in light rain with even pockets of heavy rain and drizzle or you are and just how the dynamics above your play and
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you may get a down for now and again. the ride home is gone to the wessex gm extended its hours are from the bay area as we sit here and the press systems even though it is free on the map will have to moderate to develop. >> james: lobbies pride of the rain starts come down more intensely a 11 to like it will begin to break up will give mild weather for saturday afternoon and sunday morning and another systems and and and to london and then next wednesday night and that could last into friday definitely unsettled weather. >> erica: and is good allow much of the bay area though we are starting to see the toll plaza start to feel of it is still a pretty easy ride the drive time is about 13 minutes from the
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carpet maze. --macarthur maze visibility is less delicate headed into san francisco the drive times on the 20 minutes from navato into the city the richmond san rafael bridge is quiet and approaching marin county. over on a traffic map the sec a look at 12 minutes from hercules to berkeley come down to a sure freeway 524 is the clear shot into the macarthur maze track is also traffic so was down 580 a shot of surprises that is difficult for the time of morning is a little slow on the altamont pass is these down to 25 m.p.h. is a little slut is approaching dawn tumble more stuff on 680
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>>darya: place a look before man who exposed himself and two elderly women in palo alto >> reporter: they need help in tracking down the flasher this case happened at interstate in tennessee avenue and your role what police are not releasing details of actually happen on to the evening around 5:00 dublin please send a man walked up to two women in their 80s exposed himself and access to take a look on the woman pressed to call police he then ran away at this point how laws apply to not have a good position nelda described as a white man possibly in his late teens. this happened about 5 in the evening it was not reported to about 615 pull out the police want to express the point that you become the victim of any crime reported as soon as
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possible because the guest list a better chance to respond quickly and to track down what is was possible >>mark: bid for a place have arrest the rest of sex offenders after they said family discovered the man decided to of euro dollars their room to when i wrote is facing tile molested and richard c. is registered sex offender police say he befriended the year through from text messages there's not a search for other possible victims. >>mark: at this moment for a stanford grad and his wife they finally left after being held in the country for two years accused the death of the eight year old adopted daughter math you are now back in california there were clear of any wrongdoing and the death of the dollar early this week they had their passports confiscated and tried to leave a few hours after the ruling represented said immigration officials held them for several minutes as he tried to board another
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plane but he did make it through and the family is now back home in los angeles >>darya: after several delays the alliance is scrap list of this morning and is now making its way around the earth keeping an eye on the earth in the bay area of the weather and traffic you have to get through friday morning that me scattered showers will be right back.
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>>mark: more protest over as an officer involved in shooting in arizona after what all was shot and killed a black man on tuesday night police during a physical struggle with all the server man return to his five said they openee believes he was reaching for a gun internally to be of bottle fox:--stocks: >>darya: they sign a 20 year-old to a one day contract which was his name is a huge warrior fan he was diagnosed with the rare force all came into clause 11 and told not to expect to survive but now he is near mission he made the long
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trip to oakland to hang out of his favorite team a favorite player. he was not disappointed he scored eight points and pulled out 11 rebounds at the warriors the rest of pelicans 11285 to one and all of your scores every sunday at was force might live this week and once we talking about the warriors about the niners and the raiders still have tile as an analysis and a lettuce on the title was returned to gulf as of sunday at 9 after the news.
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>>mark: 13 is you're facing attempted murder charges involve a to please of such in the east bay. >> jackie sissel: so broke into a santa clara nonprofit agency to help low-income students and made off laptops camille will show you the video in a live report. >>mark: the back of is already forming on this friday morning will of this on the drive times in hot spots tracking another sore moving into my ♪ hersy'spres.
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thpossibilits ardelious. >>mark: over three and a thousand jobs in the u.s. economy the u.s. under
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commemorate has sent 548% effective 0.3% >>darya: loss of rain in unsettled weather continues they're still all short and not really want to be impacting us >> james: in the thick of some of the we were going close to the get some rain will now we're getting it. what we have more rain and that the forecast tool problem arrive later on this afternoon will pick a time in a minute here is what we're seeing outside right now more immediately were dealing with the fall. it
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was a 10 mi. visibility now is nine still sorting visibility and as if of with a seat pretty far out with is just above the towers the clouds will and the visibility is on the poor side as expected we are seeing the latest out as the fall. --sfo >> james: out come back with a full look at the forecast will talk about the timing of that grain stick around for that and saw what the weekend as he would tell whether we can expect heading into saturday and sunday >> erica: is still pretty easy rider on the bay area woman on monitoring any hot spots that those are holding steady with a single men
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especially in the fast track planes of amelia's their lack of about 45 minutes ago with the drive times under 40 minutes hitting into san francisco we do have all the conditions cars are definitely slowing down is pretty dark in the area >>darya: is making its way round the earth we saw the stuff right here on kron 4 this morning at 4 05 a.m. the dawn of a riot and a new era of american space exploration the second time was a time at a got off the ground is still set for yesterday but that had been scrubbed because it was too windy. this morning it lost
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into the air nasa is testing out differences of malaya during the run ninth flight --on man >>darya: it also could be replaced this morning it would take about four and half hours to that means it should at last down sometime during our 8:00 hour will be falling apart or stop the morning and bring you the splashdown out like a lot a 30 >>mark: the thief was caught on camera >>will tran: how awful is that a nonprofit agency right by me in this building they worked with low income families were specifically low-income students to try and help them get the college here is video that they released to us yet to see a guy going in there and to the overnight our is on wednesday they're
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not at work on thursday and it was only a few days later when it sold to work and realized someone got into the place a handful of their laptops were taken the lead tops were not a lot they're only for five of them but they also forced into what they do because throughout the years the place is called a liar helps about 6000 students dropped the year get to college and help them to them with math and other things and they obviously need those items. >>will tran: they're also working with us as well as the members of the public to try to get those laptops replaced we do plan to talk to the sea of will lead to know how you can help a lot to keep showing you that bill
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>>darya: did deceive the sister connie fire departments and of itself, and his wife are accused of a scheme that got them nearly $35,000 a is also looking for the wife did think she fled the country and scare the starting into about 11 she opened credit cards using fake names then use them to make purchases at the fake business to set up the money was then put into three bank accounts and his name is in place on administrative leave >>mark: 60 or facing two counts of attempted murder of two police officer the incident happened on 720 yes the morning please respond to a 91 cost to car parked along or where boulevard will please arrival as an apartheid broadway but was caught the scent with saucer
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came to the same forces and an 16 year-old girl died in the car sped towards him she had struck the second officer and ran over him in self-defense the officer spired the driver the injured officers a 20 year veteran was added to the hospital with leg injuries the past of the car is also under arrest six your world centers of and >>darya: they're on the hunt to find three men connected to the brutal beating death of a disabled man place handed out flyers on the low regard station where the deadly attack at last month 67 year-old was homeless was killed while he was sleeping under they believe the attackers that night
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>>mark: with the man had to say in his defense as he slammed the package against a customer's door. arnold schwarzenegger were turning in the latest terminator movie. tech alive the cab the richmond san rafael bridge traffic fairly smoothly will have more weather and traffic. here's some news you may find surprising. we're for an open internet for all.
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6:41 am
than a million customers this started planning a gap for passage of their own get the position so when the weather will come there will be ready to roll through their second bay area to get sick and storm late next week >>mark: are warning residents of all money parts and they should respond to cranston's add for honda accord and is being sold from out of state citole by the person selling the car when she completed the purchase there was no car for sale >> james: will have rain falling in northern california would say when it
6:42 am
will impact the bay area coming up in just a moment.
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>>darya: only place dealing with damage from the rain fall the tree is crashing down to the hone the home on her the boom in they went to investigate and then he saw a lot of damage soap called the county since the tree poses as a safety hazard a very large tree have been
6:45 am
tried secure with the county but they did not want to cut down times is less the we are ok >>darya: that cannot stand a home they're staying in a hotel where the damage is being cleaned up >> james: could vero see more trees down as this storm passes through this was on track to force the soreness right now. six small visibility and yet to see where the fog is at its heaviest ride not a major package drive this morning to keep an eye on that as a fall if you're traveling befog make impact air travel is above the tower to
6:46 am
settle a rare view of their the rain to our north by 11:00 we have it is coming into view the known it will begin to fall of around the bay the status showers will begin in about three in the afternoon and will see widespread flights and even heavier rain around the bay. >> james: will begin to listen up a little bit as a
6:47 am
his 11:00 at night here is a quick look at your sphere forecast by the way we have showers turning into snow above 7,000 ft. malic for saturday as temperatures began to drop and then sunday is to dry out and the most the cloudy but we have snow in this the higher elevations for the sierra hear the seven tear on the bay forecast in the next the wednesday to thursday and friday looks like a heavy air system coming in we have that to look for to lost track of it and do it easily in the palm of your hand the down load the mobile application industry need to send updated where the storms are as they continue to move over the bank >> erica: is pretty good around the bay area will be dealing with the worst of it where still sing moving in the toll plaza is arrested fast-track plans to moscow our traffic is not
6:48 am
had a home the mineralize from free-fall the conditions across that heading into to the islands over at the golden gate bridge a very easy ride fall was pretty bad the 5:00 hour not the case anymore if you're coming out of the north bay we do have to signal lines that they delayed the richness and filled there's a started to step up you notice the catchlines lineup were seen speed of a 40 m.p.h. over on the track to match easy conditions was off 580 will receive speeds below 25 mi. per hour over the altamont pass >> erica: will have two lanes blocked southbound 880 right at all my parkway the
6:49 am
traffic is still moving pretty well to those of you not driving this morning but is that in public transit still not hear of any delays >>mark: processes are angry over grand jury's decision not to indict a white police officer there are with a message the world is taking notice justice is the cry thousand shot while promoting peace where out here exercise our rights and everybody with peace and no violence and no drugs the anything everybody gets together black white and brown. >>mark >> reporter: is something almost never seen in a busy city all lanes and the from coast to coast processes march in the streets fell to the ground and chanted the last words of a dying man
6:50 am
i can breathe--i cannot breathe >> reporter: the medical examiners ruled the death a homicide people are fed up with the justice system and class with officers and four police cars at this is a son not to get education and watch your back not from belize but police officers broadcast of our highlighting what they call an excessive use of force from ecuador to moscow that in the united states some people spend the night behind bars jailed after speaking their mind about death at hands of a police officer >>mark: he was marching with ferguson was there he
6:51 am
stood with them as they rallied outside the city's police department earlier in the evening he spoke at a local church encourages participants to protest peacefully the musician first rose to prominence public enemy >>darya: a fedex driver caught on camera throwing it back into the sterling ended at a customer's door the family said the ax in her the box slamming against the door the bill pronounced facebook when something the defendant the driver saying this to the holiday rest are risley was in a rush he called the family person apologize they're just glad their package was not breakable. desolated did not do confederacy i know it was not credible eye cell body of love.
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>>mark: the feeble gathering yesterday at the white house for the christmas lighting tom hanks and patted the bell worker present. 60,000 daily life for the christmas trees. into and out of sight for a holiday needs a special audit system would get ideas. >>darya: their original terminator arnold schwarzenegger is backed. will have a live report on
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the sinkhole of their time to repair.
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nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
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>>darya: arnold schwarzenegger back and the role that made him famous this is the frustration for the latest from that film and is on the internet is a scene that they have been showing all these different schools and hit the theaters july 1st of next year >>mark: is the video for
6:57 am
less and bakersfield the christmas for the grand marshals not the one is the catch this is relevant chief of state for family leave is a guest when house caught on fire when they're sleeping off have been enough noise to which everyone up and get to safety >>darya: still a big mess to clean up in san francisco after the storm went on to have time last video to show you how would all happen to be only chavis again in the west a new not one to misstep of the season a pep talk fit the to provoke. >>stanley: the nation's homeless largest homeless encampment in the city of san jose knew about this six years ago in our waistline in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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